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Offline Data

Understanding the power of offline interactions to influence conversion

Not all of your digital marketing efforts lead to an online action. Store visits, coupon redemption or calls can be generated by any of the digital channels – and now we can create offline tracking solutions to include those conversions in our data.

At NZDMI we take into account all your interactions with users to come up with the best offline marketing tracking, to truly follow the customer experience.

What is Offline Data?

Offline Data is any information collected when customers interact with a business in an offline situation. This includes phone calls, face-to-face, and any other interactions that would be missed simply by analysing browser data.

We collect this information by creating a “User ID” for your individual customers through their email address or other personal information to track their journey through offline channels. This does require a system put in place with your team, and NZDMI can help you implement this!

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How We Can Help?

When you create a “User ID” for a user, NZDMI can track their interactions with your team when they call, pop into your shop or office, or redeem a coupon. We will then put this tracking into Google Analytics offline data records, which can be used to see how and when your customers make their purchasing decisions.

What You Can Expect

The data from offline marketing tracking provided to your business by NZDMI can be used within Google Analytics to better target your customers at specific parts of the user journey. By understanding the full customer experience, your website and content will be optimised – you should see much higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates as a result.

In short, by better understanding how your customers are behaving offline, we can better predict how they’re going to behave online and use that information to provide recommendations to help your business achieve its KPIs.


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