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Google Tag Manager

Making tag management easy and reliable

NZDMI’s integration of Google Tag Manager is all about working with what your website can do, and how we can help to add useful functionality. We take a project management role to implement and train your teams to use Google Tag Manager themselves.
We’re experts at balancing the needs of all the teams involved in an implementation and making sure you have the right tools to complete the job. We recognise the challenges when introducing a new tracking tool, so we make Google Tag Manager work with your systems that are already in place.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a tool separate from Google Analytics that manages all the tags (or snippets of JavaScript) your site sends to third party sites – like Google. There are three main parts of Google Tag Manager:

  • Tags: The snippets of JavaScript sent to third parties
  • Triggers: Where and when tags are fired
  • Variables: Define trigger filters and capture dynamic tag values

Google Tag Manager is user-friendly, and can be fully operated by your team to maintain your business’ autonomy of your website. It walks you through how to create tags step by step, and allows you to change, add and debug tags as you need to.

Google Tag Manager
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How We Can Help?

We understand that implementing new functionality has its challenges, so we take care of Google Tag Manager integration to incorporate the tool into your current site. We set up, implement and monitor your Google Tag Manager account from start to finish.

We manage and overlook the migration of all your tracking, from Analytics and AdWords, to Facebook, AdRoll and other third party tags. And when the implementation is completed – we run a training session with your team, so that you can fully regain the control of your website’s tracking.

What To Expect

With Google Tag Manager successfully implemented and utilised, you’ll be amazed at what your site can do. Instead of having to get your developers or in-house team to add JavaScript every time you want to send data to a third party, Google Tag Manager will take care of it. You will have the capability to set it all up yourself, in a few simple steps – the team at NZDMI will show you how!
Managing your tags will be much easier, and you’ll be able to use the data you send to Google Analytics in your overall website analysis to make decisions about your online marketing strategy.


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