Last updated on May 10th, 2018 at 12:38 pm

If you too treat online presence as the core of your business activity, it’s time to introduce a few changes to your SEO strategy in 2014.

Poor quality content, usability issues, bad design are just some of the factors which now will negatively affect your ranking. Some of your past strategies might not deliver the same results this year and you should be prepared to face stricter restrictions Google is introducing to the search market.

Today we’re looking at only few of the key factors to take into account when deciding on your SEO strategy.

Social SEO

Be social, be connected. In 2014 high quality links, social media and rich content will be the key to your success. Links from other, reliable sites will prove the value of your business within its category. Social media will amplify your reach, showing to search engines that users find your content valuable. Particularly Google+ will be important for your business this year, as mentioned in our last post. And finally content, which never stopped being the king. You’ll need to ensure that your content is focused, clear and rich, providing great experience to the users and generating returning traffic to your website.

SEO strategy for content

Content marketing is here to stay. As the online audience matures, so should your content SEO strategy. Telling your own story was never more important and you need make sure that the story and content you create will resonate with your audience. As brands around the world invest more and more in creating reach user experience and engaging their audience, content is becoming one of the key ROI channels and will be expected to deliver tangible results – from sales to brand loyalty.

As content expands mobile usability of your site is a must. With the release of Google’s Hummingbird it became clear that sites without mobile optimization will struggle to rank well in search results. We talked about the importance of mobile before and if anything the smartphone penetration only increased since our last post. Responsive design, ensuring great user experience across various handsets and tablets, will have a great contribution to your rankings in 2014 and should be a part of your SEO strategy too.

Quality content ahead of links

In 2014 building your brand will be more important that building your links. And Google’s Authorship is the best example of the direction the internet giant is taking. This tool connects content to your author profile, with the content from recognized authors performing better in search engine results.

Of course understanding the relations between all elements of your online presence is extremely important. In this ecosystem all platforms impact each other, so identifying the opportunity areas should be your starting point.

Have a great 2014!