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Charlie's expertise is focused on SEM, with a lot of attention to conversion optimisation and international strategies.

Time to get AdWords Smart

Recently I was fortunate enough to attend Google’s Masterclass up in Auckland. It was an afternoon packed with information on Google’s hot topics including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Attribution. In summary, it’s time to get AdWords-smart and let Google do some of the hard work. Get creative & targeted with your AdCopy Gone are the days of [...]

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Introducing Smart Goals

Google Analytics Smart Goals Great news for the many advertisers who don’t track website conversions, whether it’s because there are no actionable end results or a technical barrier prevents it. Google has now provided an alternative way of measuring high quality traffic with the addition of Smart Goals. Smart Goals are a new way of helping advertisers, without conversion tracking, [...]

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Google AdWords App now available on iOS

Google now offers an on the go solution with the AdWords App, meaning search marketers no longer need to be desk bound, glued to PCs when managing campaigns. What Android users had a chance to enjoy for a while is finally available on Apple devices too. Not only does the AdWords App allow an overview of campaign trends such as impressions, [...]

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Cross-Device Conversions in AdWords

Today’s online world isn’t what it was 10 years ago, with most of us using more than one device to access internet on a daily basis. Statista have data from 2014 shows that the average number of connected devices ranged from country to country, but there were 3.6 devices per person in the Netherlands and 3.1 in the UK and Australia. [...]

Social media & SEO

Social Media’s effect on SEO Search ranking is important to all website owners, having your site rank highly in the organic listings for terms relevant to your brand or product is vital, in this blog post we take a look at how Social Media channels can help with ranking. Whilst Google has never released details of their algorithm, there aren’t [...]

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Facebook Business Pages improve mobile experience

Facebook has announced a number of changes to business Pages to enhance the experience for mobile and tablet users. With one-third of all Facebook users only logging in on mobile phones, Facebook are committed to making changes to ensure usability for this growing number of users is as efficient and convenient as possible. Over one billion people visit Facebook business [...]

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Facebook page messages

Private Facebook messages have been around, and well used, for some time with many people choosing to communicate in a private and less public forum. Until now there were some limitations with Facebook page messages, but the recent updates are about to change it all. So if you are a business Page admin or are thinking about creating a business Page [...]

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Instagram ads to launch in New Zealand

Earlier this month Instagram announced the exciting news that they have made their ads available to more types of businesses across more locations. Now all advertisers, regardless of campaign size, can include Instagram in their strategy and run ads on the social media platform. By September 30th, Instagram ads will be available in more than 30 new countries, including New [...]

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New AdWords reporting

There has been a number of updates recently to AdWords reporting, which both will simplify reporting and potentially cause alarm if you aren’t aware of the changes and how they impact your data. New AdWords reporting columns Recent changes to AdWords reporting saw the addition of a new column that allows multi-channel advertisers to filter which channel they wish to [...]

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Google Analytics Data Import

We already know that Google Analytics is a powerful data tool for marketers to measure, monitor and improve on the success of their websites. GA already has a great variety of variables to slice and dice data but do you still find yourself wishing for more options to give you more accurate reports? What if we told you that you [...]

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