About James Julian

James is a renowned search expert, with extensive knowledge and experience in both paid and organic strategies. At NZDMI he heads up the SEM and SEO departments.

Google Shopping Tips and Tricks

Google Shopping - You're Doing It Wrong NZDMI recently became the only Google Premier Partner in New Zealand to qualify for the Google Shopping Innovation Awards APAC 2017 so we decided to do a series around how we did it. Google Shopping - A New Era For Search Google Shopping is a tough beast, it’s nothing like paid [...]

YouTube is back

It’s not like YouTube ever went away, but we've got used to Facebook making the headlines more often, with other social platforms doing their own thing. Recently this has changed and we've seen a lot of YouTube in the media. If you missed any of it – no panic, we've got you covered. YouTube vs. Facebook First of all globally YouTube [...]

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Google search banners testing

Probably after years of constant questioning surrounding the benefit of bidding on your brand terms, Google search banners are now being tested in the US. The example above is for Virgin Airlines in the US, with about 30 other advertisers testing this with Google, all currently in beta. It was previously stated that there would never EVER be Google search banners: There will [...]

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Being local on Facebook

More and more often I see local ads appearing in my Facebook feed. And while it is great to see familiar business embracing the platform, it also always makes me wonder – is the money invested in this activity spend with a specific goal in mind? Running a Facebook campaign The key to a successful paid campaign relies on 3 [...]

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Why use pay per click (PPC) search?

The benefits for your business It’s a question I have been asked a lot over the years, some brands feel that since they don’t have the capacity to sell their product online or need the customer to talk to them directly for the good of the customer experience. Each brand is different, each service is different and each owner is [...]

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Mobile Trends New Zealand

A few weeks ago Google released the latest mobile stats for New Zealand, revealing some very interesting trends in this space. You can find the full report here. More and more smartphones The first thing that stands out here is the rapidly growing smartphone penetration. 54% of all Kiwis now own a smartphone (up from 44% in 2012) and 63% [...]

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