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2018 – the year of digital channel attribution

It's been a while since we attended the Google Premier Partners Summit in New York, which means we had a time to review and plan our 2018 data strategies. And if there's one thing that was repeated through all the sessions - it was definitely the attribution. What is channel attribution? During the Summit session, attribution was explained in a very [...]

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Understanding Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics (FBA) is product analytics used for driving growth. The following blog post provides an outline of the key aspects of using the interface and the key metrics that are available. Understanding Facebook Analytics Originally Facebook Analytics focused on providing analytic information on apps, allowing app developers and businesses to better understand the interactions people were having with their [...]

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Growing Business Online

NZDMI has recently been shortlisted as Google Premier Partners Awards finalist in Growing Business Online category. This is a great achievement for our clients and our team, but nowadays – what does it really take to grow your online presence and get the results you need from your digital channels?   Set your own KPIs It never stops surprising us [...]

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Introducing Smart Goals

Google Analytics Smart Goals Great news for the many advertisers who don’t track website conversions, whether it’s because there are no actionable end results or a technical barrier prevents it. Google has now provided an alternative way of measuring high quality traffic with the addition of Smart Goals. Smart Goals are a new way of helping advertisers, without conversion tracking, [...]

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Cross-Device Conversions in AdWords

Today’s online world isn’t what it was 10 years ago, with most of us using more than one device to access internet on a daily basis. Statista have data from 2014 shows that the average number of connected devices ranged from country to country, but there were 3.6 devices per person in the Netherlands and 3.1 in the UK and Australia. [...]

New AdWords reporting

There has been a number of updates recently to AdWords reporting, which both will simplify reporting and potentially cause alarm if you aren’t aware of the changes and how they impact your data. New AdWords reporting columns Recent changes to AdWords reporting saw the addition of a new column that allows multi-channel advertisers to filter which channel they wish to [...]

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Google Analytics Data Import

We already know that Google Analytics is a powerful data tool for marketers to measure, monitor and improve on the success of their websites. GA already has a great variety of variables to slice and dice data but do you still find yourself wishing for more options to give you more accurate reports? What if we told you that you [...]

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Take control with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a fantastic tool that allows marketers to take control of web tracking without the need to involve a webmaster each time a change is needed. Before looking at the benefits, let’s recap on what tags are and what purpose they serve. What are Tags? Simply, tags are snippets of code that are added to web [...]

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Remarketing lists for search ads

The latest update to remarketing lists for search ads (RSLA) is finally available in New Zealand and many markers (including us!) are very excited about this release. Here's why. What are remarketing lists for search? Up to very recently the only way to run remarketing activity for search was to rely on AdWords remarketing features only. This setup was very limited, [...]

Get rid of Semalt once and for all

Referrals data in Google Analytics Acquisition report is a great source of information on which websites bring traffic directly to your site. Recently, however, you might have noticed one particular site appearing more often in your reports, generating sessions, but no other engagements. The bad news is – you're most likely being targeted by Semalt. The good news is – [...]

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