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Google Smart Display Campaigns

If, like us, you are slightly concerned that we will all soon be made redundant by hyper intelligent robots, then you may want to stop here. While automation is nothing new for display campaigns on the Google Display Network, constant machine learning has made fully automated Smart Display campaigns a reality in 2017. Once you input a small amount of [...]

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2015 Online Advertising Spend

IAB has released its 2015 online advertising spend summary and there are a few surprises in the numbers published last week. Total online advertising spend in 2015 Last year New Zealand companies spent a whooping $800 million on digital advertising, from search to mobile and video. It has been again the biggest year on record and search investment saw the [...]

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Google search result page changes

Late last week (February 19th) Google confirmed that the paid search results will change, a move which will be rolling out globally almost immediately. As the update is already reaching New Zealand, it's important to know what to expect in the coming weeks. What are the search result page changes? The announced changes will apply to desktop results only, which currently [...]

Introducing Smart Goals

Google Analytics Smart Goals Great news for the many advertisers who don’t track website conversions, whether it’s because there are no actionable end results or a technical barrier prevents it. Google has now provided an alternative way of measuring high quality traffic with the addition of Smart Goals. Smart Goals are a new way of helping advertisers, without conversion tracking, [...]

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Google AdWords App now available on iOS

Google now offers an on the go solution with the AdWords App, meaning search marketers no longer need to be desk bound, glued to PCs when managing campaigns. What Android users had a chance to enjoy for a while is finally available on Apple devices too. Not only does the AdWords App allow an overview of campaign trends such as impressions, [...]

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Q3 2015 Online Advertising Spend

As we get ready for well deserved holidays, IAB delivers one last key report for this year - the Q3 2015 Interactive Advertising Spend report. Global Trends Based on the research provided quarterly by ZenithOptimedia we are seeing some big differences between local and global trends. Particularly in online video space, where both consumption and advertising investment is a lot [...]

Cross-Device Conversions in AdWords

Today’s online world isn’t what it was 10 years ago, with most of us using more than one device to access internet on a daily basis. Statista have data from 2014 shows that the average number of connected devices ranged from country to country, but there were 3.6 devices per person in the Netherlands and 3.1 in the UK and Australia. [...]

Instagram ads to launch in New Zealand

Earlier this month Instagram announced the exciting news that they have made their ads available to more types of businesses across more locations. Now all advertisers, regardless of campaign size, can include Instagram in their strategy and run ads on the social media platform. By September 30th, Instagram ads will be available in more than 30 new countries, including New [...]

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New AdWords reporting

There has been a number of updates recently to AdWords reporting, which both will simplify reporting and potentially cause alarm if you aren’t aware of the changes and how they impact your data. New AdWords reporting columns Recent changes to AdWords reporting saw the addition of a new column that allows multi-channel advertisers to filter which channel they wish to [...]

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Q2 2015 Interactive Advertising Spend

This week IAB published the latest Interactive Advertising Spend report for Q2 2015. As the numbers show - this was the biggest quarter on record yet, but the report revealed a few more surprises. Advertising Spend Summary Nearly $185 million was spent on online advertising between April and June this year, making Q2 2015 the biggest one yet. The growth [...]