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Store visit tracking is coming!

One of the very few things that often frustrate marketers based in New Zealand is the delay in roll-out of many advanced products. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and others either use our market as a test ground for their developments, or leave us at the very bottom of the roll-out schedules. Here at NZDMI we’re in a lucky position to be [...]

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Understanding Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics (FBA) is product analytics used for driving growth. The following blog post provides an outline of the key aspects of using the interface and the key metrics that are available. Understanding Facebook Analytics Originally Facebook Analytics focused on providing analytic information on apps, allowing app developers and businesses to better understand the interactions people were having with their [...]

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Responsive Ads for Display

As the mix of content types and screen sizes continues to diversify it was clear a solution to the construction of advertisements, for every possible impression, was necessary. Google’s response was to launch Responsive Display Ads - tailor made visuals that automatically adapt to suit the environment in which they are being served within the Display Network. A time-saving godsend [...]

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Google Smart Display Campaigns

If, like us, you are slightly concerned that we will all soon be made redundant by hyper intelligent robots, then you may want to stop here. While automation is nothing new for display campaigns on the Google Display Network, constant machine learning has made fully automated Smart Display campaigns a reality in 2017. Once you input a small amount of [...]

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Google Shopping Tips and Tricks

Google Shopping - You're Doing It Wrong NZDMI recently became the only Google Premier Partner in New Zealand to qualify for the Google Shopping Innovation Awards APAC 2017 so we decided to do a series around how we did it. Google Shopping - A New Era For Search Google Shopping is a tough beast, it’s nothing like paid [...]

Google Premier Partner Awards

We’re thrilled to be listed as a finalist of the inaugural Google Premier Partner Awards APAC! NZDMI have made the cut in 3 different categories: Search Innovation, demonstrating our company’s expertise and innovation with Google search ads; Shopping Innovation, showing how we’ve used shopping advertising to generate more sales revenue; Growing Business Online, whether it’s through creating mobile-friendly websites, launching a [...]

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Maximise Your Content Exposure on LinkedIn

Every platform has unique content structures that maximise traffic, and LinkedIn is no different. Here are five steps to help you generate leads, drive more revenue and build brand awareness. Converse in Groups Join the conversation. LinkedIn groups offer the ideal opportunity to build an engaged community on its platform. Many professionals find group participation rewarding, particularly if the group [...]

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Facebook Dynamic Ads Are Taking On the Travel Sector

Since Facebook launched its Dynamic Product Ads in 2015, brands have uploaded more than 2.5 billion products, looking to capitalise on the targeted advertising opportunities. Now, with the wave of a wand and the change of a name (to Dynamic Ads), Facebook is looking to broaden its advertising horizons, and their first stop is the travel sector. The current state [...]

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2015 Online Advertising Spend

IAB has released its 2015 online advertising spend summary and there are a few surprises in the numbers published last week. Total online advertising spend in 2015 Last year New Zealand companies spent a whooping $800 million on digital advertising, from search to mobile and video. It has been again the biggest year on record and search investment saw the [...]

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Google search result page changes

Late last week (February 19th) Google confirmed that the paid search results will change, a move which will be rolling out globally almost immediately. As the update is already reaching New Zealand, it's important to know what to expect in the coming weeks. What are the search result page changes? The announced changes will apply to desktop results only, which currently [...]