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Digital Video Advertising Trends in New Zealand

Let’s face it- we’ve all mindlessly scrolled through social media feeds and websites, stopping every once in awhile to watch a video for a minute or two before moving on. Recent data from Google’s Consumer Barometer tells us that 61% of New Zealanders watch online videos daily – that’s 23% higher than the global average of 48%! Clearly, New Zealand [...]

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Working with YouTube Analytics

With the prediction for video to account for 82% of all web traffic by 2021, now is the time to start investing in this channel from content production and advertising perspective. And YouTube brand channel is the best starting point for growing video presence. But what metrics really matter when analysing the performance of your channel? YouTube Analytics          Accessing YouTube [...]

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Q3 2015 Online Advertising Spend

As we get ready for well deserved holidays, IAB delivers one last key report for this year - the Q3 2015 Interactive Advertising Spend report. Global Trends Based on the research provided quarterly by ZenithOptimedia we are seeing some big differences between local and global trends. Particularly in online video space, where both consumption and advertising investment is a lot [...]

Q2 2015 Interactive Advertising Spend

This week IAB published the latest Interactive Advertising Spend report for Q2 2015. As the numbers show - this was the biggest quarter on record yet, but the report revealed a few more surprises. Advertising Spend Summary Nearly $185 million was spent on online advertising between April and June this year, making Q2 2015 the biggest one yet. The growth [...]

DIY content – what’s the opportunity?

Mobiles are yet again changing not only the way that we, the users, look for products and information - they are changing how brands need to get in front of their target audience. Every single day mobile users pull out their devices to help them with their latest ‘need-to-know’ at the moment queries. In fact, the latest figures show that [...]

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The smart viewers

Google Consumer Barometer Part 3 The Google Consumer Barometer is available to all online users, but from time to time Google releases a more in-depth analysis of the market. And with New Zealand data recently available – in the final part of our series we are looking at the online video and smart viewers.   Who are the smart viewers? [...]

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Q2 2014 online advertising spend update

This week Interactive Advertising Bureau New Zealand released, prepared together with PwC, its Q2 2014 online advertising spend summary. The latest report is very important for two reasons. First of all – for the first time NZDMI are the official data contributors to this analysis. And secondly – Q2 2014 was the largest quarter ever, with over $142 million invested [...]

Online video update

We recently gained yet another Google Partners certification – this time in the Online Video category. As this is one of the fastest growing online channels, we thought it might be a good time to bring you an update on all things video – and why you and your brand should consider it to be a part of your digital [...]

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YouTube is back

It’s not like YouTube ever went away, but we've got used to Facebook making the headlines more often, with other social platforms doing their own thing. Recently this has changed and we've seen a lot of YouTube in the media. If you missed any of it – no panic, we've got you covered. YouTube vs. Facebook First of all globally YouTube [...]

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