Introduction to Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

Why Yoast? We believe that Yoast SEO is the best, free plugin available for WordPress websites. It allows even those not familiar with basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to create search-friendly pages and well-structured content. The setup of the plugin for your website has already been completed and now it is your turn to learn how to use it [...]

DIY content – what’s the opportunity?

Mobiles are yet again changing not only the way that we, the users, look for products and information - they are changing how brands need to get in front of their target audience. Every single day mobile users pull out their devices to help them with their latest ‘need-to-know’ at the moment queries. In fact, the latest figures show that [...]

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Making your keywords work harder

Your keyword lists are built; you've identified the high converting keywords and you’re getting qualified traffic to your site but can you get even more traffic from those high converting terms? Below are a few tips and tricks to help you squeeze an extra few visits from your star performers in both organic and paid channels. SEO Keywords Check your [...]

Secure websites and Google search

Two weeks ago Google announced it will start treating the security of the website as one of the ranking signals. It was revealed that Google was running a series of test in the last few months, aimed at understanding the impact secure websites have on the search experience. Encouraged by the positive results, Google decided to introduce HTTPS as a ranking [...]

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The power of local marketing

During our holidays we had a chance to catch up on some very interesting reading, and one story in particular grabbed our attention. The future of local marketing – a topic we're very passionate about - and it focuses on the amazing opportunities available to local companies. Local marketing must be flexible This article highlights a very important aspect of [...]

Why online content is worth investing in

We often come across this scenario: you've created/updated your website, it looks sleek, it works perfectly on mobile and it connects to all your social profiles. So it looks like the job is done and all you need to do now is wait for great results and high organic listings. Sadly, it’s not that easy. Your website is only worth [...]

Your 2014 SEO strategy

If you too treat online presence as the core of your business activity, it's time to introduce a few changes to your SEO strategy in 2014. Poor quality content, usability issues, bad design are just some of the factors which now will negatively affect your ranking. Some of your past strategies might not deliver the same results this year and [...]