Last updated on May 10th, 2018 at 12:36 pm

Why Yoast?

We believe that Yoast SEO is the best, free plugin available for WordPress websites. It allows even those not familiar with basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to create search-friendly pages and well-structured content.

The setup of the plugin for your website has already been completed and now it is your turn to learn how to use it best.

Working with Yoast SEO Plugin

From now on every time you add a new page or blog posts to your website you can easily check if it meets the minimum requirements for a search-friendly content. This means it will rank higher in organic search result and the content displayed within the search engine will be controlled by you – not the spiders.

You will notice that every page/post within your site now has a Yoast SEO box just underneath your main content. This content is to be filled by you and will have direct impact on how this specific page will display in organic search results. 

Yoast SEO elements

Yoast SEO will require the same information for every page and post you publish:

Focus keyword: It is the keyword you most expect your post to rank for, and best describes your post. In other words, if someone searched for your focus keyword, you would want (and expect) your post to show up in Google. The focus keyword should be a single term, so it is recommended you don’t use commas or multiple, unrelated words and phrases.

SEO Title: The title you want to use on your blog or page often is not the most descriptive title for visitors coming through search engines. Filling out this field will replace your default your post title with this one.

Meta description: This field allows you to customize the 2 lines of description that appear in the search results (and many social shares). It’s a great way to have a descriptive “advertisement” to potential visitors to click through.

It is recommended for you to develop title and description template and follow that through-out your site, so that all search results for your website look consistent.


Publishing your post

Once published Yoast SEO will give you a score for your new page. The score is represented in a form of red, orange, yellow or green light, with green being the best score, indicating that your content and SEO elements are relevant. If, for any reason, your new page doesn’t score as highly as expected you can refer to the Page Analysis tab for suggestions on how your content can be improved:

Yoast_SEO_Page Analysis_NZDMI


The recommendation should always be considered from quality perspective and any changes made only if they don’t require sacrifices to the flow of the content or relevancy of the meta elements.