Last updated on May 10th, 2018 at 12:36 pm

There has been a number of updates recently to AdWords reporting, which both will simplify reporting and potentially cause alarm if you aren’t aware of the changes and how they impact your data.

New AdWords reporting columns

Recent changes to AdWords reporting saw the addition of a new column that allows multi-channel advertisers to filter which channel they wish to report on, meaning that, Display, Search and Shopping campaigns could be analysed individually or as a collective. The most recent addition was the integration of TrueView into the AdWords interface which streamlined managing video campaigns.

AdWords new columns

With the integration of TrueView also came three new reporting columns to help advertisers get key insights across multi-channel campaigns. The new columns; Interactions, Interaction Rate and Ave. Cost now enable advertisers to see how their multi-channel campaigns are performing as a collective campaign. AdWords has taken the most important action for each channel together e.g. clicks for search and views for video and combined these to show the ‘Interactions’ that a campaign is receiving.

Changes to conversions

If you have seen a significant drop in ‘conversions’ this month, keep calm and read on as Google has made some changes to those as well. Up until this month, the ‘conversions’ column would show data for any ‘conversions’ that had been set up in AdWords, however, Google has changed the definition of ‘conversions’ and now only conversions with optimisations turned ‘on’ will show, whereas previously all ‘conversions’ would show despite whether AdWords was optimising for that conversion. This change will also affect other columns such as ‘conversion rate’.

The ‘All conversions’ column will show data for all conversions set up including the conversions which have ‘off’ selected for optimisation. The ‘all conversions’ column will also include cross-device conversions which previously appeared in ‘Estimated total conversions’.

The simple chart below illustrates the changes:

New AdWords reporting

If you have seen a drop in conversions, review the conversions you have and ensure that ‘on’ is selected for any action that you do want to see included in the newly defined ‘conversions’ column.