Last updated on May 10th, 2018 at 12:38 pm

Facebook targeting is like New Zealand weather

Constantly changing. This week Facebook announced new targeting features for paid campaigns. The new Facebook targeting options are based on 4 primary tiers: Location, Demographic, Interest and Behaviors. According to Facebook, this will give advertisers an easier, more effective way to reach the right audience with their campaigns. So today we’re looking at what the new targeting categories are all about.


As you can imagine, this targeting revolves around the location the user is in. Facebook targeting now allows you to mix and match different options, from countries, to regions, cities and specific areas, allowing you to really narrow down your audience. Here you will also be able to exclude specific areas you’re not interested in from business perspective.


Facebook targeting now offers more relationship status types, like civil unions and domestic partnerships. You can also specify those users who recently reached a life milestone – got engaged, married or had a child. And to make it even better, Facebook will allow you to specific how long since this event occurred users should stay within your audience – maybe 3 months from engagement or a year since wedding. With the recent changes to gender options for Facebook users, we can expect this category will expand even further in the nearest future.


The new Demographic targeting will now also cover work places, job titles and more detailed education history.


You no longer need to match keywords and broader categories, as Facebook redefined its targeting segments, giving each ‘one simple meaning’. Now you can select a specific ‘interest’ topic and Facebook targeting automatically will select all relevant sub-topics, keywords and other elements to reach the exact audience you’re after.


Advertisers can also target campaigns to people based on their offline activities, website visits and device usage. So if you want to target people interested in skiing, who use iPhones – you’ll find that option under Behavior targeting.

 The changes will be rolling out to all advertisers in the next few weeks, so let us know what you think of the new targeting options and impact they might have on your Facebook campaigns.