Last updated on May 7th, 2018 at 04:00 pm

As we get ready for well deserved holidays, IAB delivers one last key report for this year – the Q3 2015 Interactive Advertising Spend report.

Global Trends

Based on the research provided quarterly by ZenithOptimedia we are seeing some big differences between local and global trends. Particularly in online video space, where both consumption and advertising investment is a lot higher than in New Zealand. In fact, in last quarter the online video spend dropped by 1% – the first time since this channel has been included in the research.

There is also no signs of slowing down for paid search, which is expected to grow by further 14% by 2017 globally.

Q3 online advertising spend summary

Unsurprisingly last quarter saw yet another record, with the highest level of advertising investment to date – at staggering $200m. This brings the estimated total online ad spend for 2015 to nearly $800m!

interactive advertising spend q3 2015

Search and directories remain as the largest contributor to the overall figure and have increased by 28% from Q3 2014.

But the fastest growing channels are social and mobile, as we see a huge shift in user trends. For many of our clients, 2015 will be the first year where mobile traffic surpassed visits from desktops and tablets – putting it at the centre of any digital strategy for 2016.

And as the YoY figures demonstrate, Classifieds are the only category decreasing in investment, as Facebook trading groups and other alternatives win a larger portion of the market historically dominated by Trade Me.

digital advertising mix