Last updated on May 10th, 2018 at 12:37 pm

Google Consumer Barometer Part 1

The Google Consumer Barometer is available to all online users, but from time to time Google releases a more in-depth analysis of the market. And with New Zealand data recently available – we’re going to look at the key consumer trends, starting with the multiscreen world.

Welcome to the multiscreen world

There is no doubt about the future of online being mobile. With 56% of the consumers in New Zealand being online at least as often via a smartphone as via computer. Audience habits have shifted entirely into the Internet, with 9 in 10 users being online at least once a day. And while 89% use digital channels for personal reasons, 80% stated that the internet is the first place they look for information.


The way we consume media is changing drastically, with our households being filled with more and more interactive screens – an average Kiwi now has access to 2.6 Internet-enabled devices. TV is no longer enough to entertain us, with 52% viewers looking at another screen at the same time – smartphone being the most popular one, at 61%. This is directly related to the increase in smartphone penetration, with 79% of the population owning at least one.

What does it mean for the marketers?

Since New Zealand has a higher smartphone penetration than the global average, it is imperative for any business to have a solid mobile presence. From responsive site to mobile-specific acquisition strategy – mobile is quickly becoming its own, independent marketing channel.

And when looking at the top mobile activities and the types of content users engage with – it’s clear which digital marketing solutions should be considered first when laying out your mobile strategy:


With search engines, online video and product research in the top activity list ensuring that your search visibility (both paid and organic) is strong is a must. And YouTube and other video platforms should also feature in your content and marketing strategy going forward.

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