Last updated on May 10th, 2018 at 12:37 pm

Great news everybody – very recently the Twitter Ads platform has been opened to all businesses in New Zealand. After nearly 2 years of limited access the spend limit has been lifted – which means you can finally move away from the cluttered Facebook Newsfeed to the new advertising platform. And with the buzz around real-time marketing at its peak and Christmas just around the corner – this might be just the best time to run your first Twitter campaign.

How Twitter Ads it work?

Setting up Twitter campaigns couldn’t be easier. If you’re familiar with the platform and tweet different content on a regular basis – you’ll figure out the self-serve setup in no time.

You can start here and login as you would normally to your Twitter account:

Twitter Ads Digital Marketing Initiative

Here you can either start by adding a payment method – using a valid credit card number, or go straight to Creating New Campaign. Make sure to first decide on the objective of your activity, as you have the following options to choose from:

  • Followers – to grow your audience
  • Website clicks or conversions – to send people to your website
  • Tweet Engagements – to increase the number of retweets, replies and favourites
  • App installs or engagements – to promote your mobile app
  • Leads on Twitter – to collect email addresses of relevant users
  • Custom – to run a campaign with no specific objective

You can preview any of the above options before deciding which one to use. Once one option is selected you’ll be presented with an easy to follow form, where you’ll pick elements like:

  • Campaign dates
  • Tweets you want to use – you can either pick from your existing tweets or create a completely new one. For each of the options you can view best practice and example guide

Twitter Ads Best Examples Digital Marketing Initiative

  • Targeting, including location, gender, language and devices
  • @ handles you want to include, allowing you to reach users with interests similar to followers of any of those accounts. For example you can use @nzdmi to target people interested in online marketing
  • Interests, if you want to connect with specific audiences
  • Budget and maximum bid.

Depending on the type of campaign you’ve selected your cost will be charged per follower, per engagement, per clicks and so on.

Some of the campaign settings will also offer you the option to use Twitter Cards, which are an additional element of your ad, aimed at increasing enjoyment rates. If you’ve selected:

  • To drive website clicks and conversion – you can add a Website Card to your tweet

Twitter Website Cards Digital Marketing Initiative

  • To generate leads – Lead Card will be available

Twitter Lead Generation Cards Digital Marketing Initiative

You can also create conversion tracking and add your own targeting segments, so we encourage you to experiment with different campaign options and monitor the results to understand what works best.

What’s next?

Our first campaign is up and running and we will update you on the initial results soon. In the next post we’ll have a closer look at the available reports too. But there is one more exciting thing Twitter Ads brought to the open market – Twitter Analytics. Finally everyone who relies on Twitter as their marketing channel can look in deeper into audience profiles, engagement metrics, seasonal trends and all other data previously hidden away. The main reports include:

  • Tweet activity, where you can analyse performance of your tweets, including impressions, clicks, engagements and other metrics
  • Followers, to find out more about your audience, their location, demographic profile and interests
  • Twitter cards, to get a snapshot summary or how different card you used in your tweets performed to date.

You don’t need to be running adverting campaigns to access Twitter Analytics, which means you now have no excuse, but to analyse and optimize your Twitter activity.

So if you’re still pumping all your social marketing dollars into Facebook – it is really time to stop.  The only way to succeed in the very busy social space is to diversify your efforts and constantly try new things. And the next new thing is already here.