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Let’s face it- we’ve all mindlessly scrolled through social media feeds and websites, stopping every once in awhile to watch a video for a minute or two before moving on. Recent data from Google’s Consumer Barometer tells us that 61% of New Zealanders watch online videos daily – that’s 23% higher than the global average of 48%!

Clearly, New Zealand companies need a strong digital video advertising strategy to match this consumer behaviour.

Mobile Devices Usage Stats New Zealand

Where are people watching videos?

94% of Kiwis are watching online videos from the comfort of their homes, typically in the evenings. They like to use both their computers and smartphones to watch videos, usually on wifi. Regardless of device, the majority of people (70%) are watching via an online video site or app like YouTube or Netflix, while many (32%) are watching via a social network like Facebook or Instagram.

Online Video Platforms

What kinds of videos do New Zealanders like?

Short and sweet! 51% watch videos that are less than 5 minutes long. But that doesn’t mean long-form content can’t work – 28% are watching videos that are more than 10 minutes long. Depending on your business and resources, you can test out a variety of video lengths to see what resonates with your audience.

Reasons Kiwis watch videos vary, with the most popular being:

  • To be entertained or inspired (55%)
  • To relax or escape (33%)
  • To learn something new (19%)
  • To pursue a hobby or interest (18%)

Since people are looking for entertainment or a way to escape, the most popular types of online videos being watched are no surprise:

  • Music (31%)
  • Comedy (30%)
  • TV shows (25%)
  • Movies (20%)

Online video consumption statistics

Unlike with television, people are highly engaged and focused while watching online videos. 67% say they are fully or mainly focused on the videos, and 44% aren’t using any other devices while watching online videos.

Online Video Attention Focus

How are people discovering video content? 40% of them were triggered to watch something, either via a notification, ad or link from a friend. 56% of Kiwis weren’t triggered at all and are simply consuming video content on their own accord.

What does this mean for marketers?

As we already know, video content is highly engaging and drives consumer interactions on social media platforms. Keeping your online videos short can retain your audience’s attention, which is super important since most New Zealanders are fully focused on the video at hand. Plus, you can more accurately track traffic and attribution via online channels than with offline channels, giving you deeper data on how your target audience is responding to your marketing efforts.

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