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Display & Remarketing

Innovative Display & Remarketing strategies with NZDMI

At NZDMI, we develop innovative, tailored display and remarketing strategies that deliver strong return on investment. We work with national and niche publishers, networks and ad exchanges, using the latest Demand Side Platform (DSP) technology.

What is Display & Remarketing?

Display ads like dynamic banner ads that you see on websites everywhere, are often targeted specifically to you based on your browsing history. When a consumer visit a website and allows cookies, the data collected from those cookies can be used by advertisers to target the user with display ads on other websites. This is known as remarketing or retargeting.

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How We Can Help?

The team at NZDMI are experts in display optimisation, dynamic banner ad messaging, third-party data integration, audience segmentation, rich media and smart remarketing. We work across desktop, mobile and video campaigns. Our team combine creative strategies and data analysis to plan and relentlessly optimise campaigns to drive positive results.

What to Expect

At NZDMI, we use DSP technology to work with niche publishers, networks and ad exchanges, managing accounts to reach your business’ potential customers.  With NZDMI at the helm of your Display & Remarketing, both your new and returning customers will be targeted with key messaging developed in consultation with you.

NZDMI’s targeted display advertising, to an audience proven to relate to your business, will result in more effective digital advertising, and a strategy that will lead to increased conversion.


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