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Programmatic Buying

Maximum quality for your digital advertising spend

Programmatic Buying is a great tool for remarketing. NZDMI can help you set up the best programmatic buying software for your business, to maximise your digital advertising efforts.

What is Programmatic Buying?

When a webpage is loaded with space for an advert (like what you would see on a news site), information gathered about the target demographic for that page and the context of the site is uploaded to an ad exchange. This space can then be sold to the highest bidder, and their ad is uploaded in that place. All this is done with next to no impact on the user experience.

Programmatic Buying is the automated process of buying advertising space in real time. Software automates the buying, optimisation and placement of advertising space in real time through a bidding system. It allows you to target specific demographics at specific times, to maximise your reach to relevant customers.

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How We Can Help?

NZDMI can help you select your programmatic buying software, set it up, manage it, and analyse its results. With other analysis tools, we can determine the key demographics and contexts for your business to maximise quality placement for digital spend. With constant re-analysis, we will ensure programmatic buying stays relevant to your company and industry.

What to Expect

With NZDMI at the helm of your programmatic buying, you can expect to see highly targeted display advertising for your business. Your advertising will reach consumers and site contexts most linked to your business or industry, meaning they will be more likely to be interested in your content. This will lead to a higher click-through rate from your display ads, which in turn will increase conversion in your e-commerce site.


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