Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a dedicated shopping search engine from Google. It allows searchers to find products for sale from online merchants, with search results featuring product SKUs, information, prices, stock availability and merchant ratings. Google Shopping has been around since early 2002 but has only began appearing within NZ advertising search results since late 2016.

What is Google Shopping?

Its basically visual search ads that merchants pay Google in order to list their products within the search results. Retailers use a platform called Merchant Centre to load their products which in turn feeds into Google AdWords. From there the ads appear within Google search results.

Google Merchant Center is a tool which helps retailers to upload their product listings for use with Google Shopping, Google Product Ads, and Google Commerce Search. Merchant Centre is where your can organise your feed in a format that Google requires. Here you can also input promotions, tax, shipping and variations of the feed that will help with optimisation.

Google Shopping

How We Can Help?

If you sell a high level of products online, then Google Shopping is a must have alongside your paid search campaigns. Google Shopping does not use keywords for targeting like normal paid search ads so control over how your ad shows can be difficult to control.

NZDMI have been working with Google Shopping internationally since 2013 and know how to correctly optimise feeds and campaigns to drive optimum revenue.

What to Expect

The process and setup is good bit different from the traditional text search campaigns. With text campaigns, you create campaigns/ad groups/ads that are focused around the keywords that you choose. With Shopping, Google considers your feed, your website and your bids in order to determine what search query triggers you ads. So, if you have poorly structured content on-site then Google takes longer to figure out what searches should trigger your ads.

Success for Shopping depends mostly on the following:

  1. Feed Creation & Optimisation: Understanding how the feed should be created is only step one – from then you need to make sure that product data, images & price are what they should be.
  2. Campaign Structure & Bidding: Control is parmount here as if you don’t know what product you are bidding on the it is difficult to increase revenue. It is extremely complex and time consuming.
  3. Optimisation: The more granular you can go, the better the results. That is why structure is so important. You need to optimise every few days as your competitors will be.

Our Experience

NZDMI have been working with the Google Shopping Solution when it was introduced globally back in 2013. We recently have been shortlisted in Shopping Innovation category for Google Premier Partner Awards APAC – the only NZ agency among the 3 finalists.

As a Google Premier Partner, we know how AdWords works and will do all the background work to drive more revenue for your brand.

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