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Social Media

Inspire your audience with NZDMI’s Social Media marketing strategies

Marketing is no longer a monologue, it’s a conversation. In this environment, we believe that successful social brands don’t just talk, they listen. They don’t just share, they deliver value.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a direct conversation between your business and the community that surrounds it. It means a business can convey messages both for free and through paid advertising to target an audience that either already is, or should have a relationship with the brand. A defined social media marketing strategy can raise your brand’s online presence, and direct your audience to your website through content that inspires them to buy or visit.

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How We Can Help?

At NZDMI, we know social media. We’re surrounded by it. Using online listening, we gain insight into your customers’ habits, behaviours and how they perceive your brand. This is the starting point from which we create and spread relevant content across social communities, moving your brand from just talking, to being talkable. We use advanced advertising options to monetize your social efforts. building relationships that last.

What to Expect

The team at NZDMI will work with you to get to know the voice of your brand, and help you implement that voice in the best way possible across your social channels. We’ll begin by analysing your social media audience and data, then work with you to come up with a customised social media marketing strategy that can target consumers both organically and through paid advertising.

With NZDMI, your business’ social media audiences will grow, users will be more engaged, and you’ll get to know more about your audience to retarget them in the future. You’ll see social media becoming an integral part of your general marketing strategy, and be able to harness it to drive users to your website and content.


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