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Video Marketing

Make the move with NZDMI video marketing strategies

Content is still the king. But now that content is video. At NZDMI, we develop video content strategies that engage, and advertising campaigns providing reach comparable to major TV channels.

What is Video Marketing?

These days, video is the most effective way of delivering content to an audience. Video marketing is about harnessing the power of video as a medium, and using it to connect your business’ messages with the biggest audience possible.

video marketing
video marketing

How We Can Help?

With so many free video hosting platforms, it can be overwhelming trying to implement a successful video marketing strategy. That’s where the NZDMI team comes in.

From YouTube to Vimeo, from Instagram to Facebook – we take all video platforms into consideration when working with your brand. We use existing data and audience trends to develop bespoke video content and advertising strategies, designed specifically to your needs.

What to Expect

NZDMI’s video marketing strategies will target your video messaging to the right and biggest audience possible – you’ll see your quality content rise in views and reactions. Regular data analysis will show us where we need to make adjustments to your video marketing strategy, to ensure we are consistently targeting the right people, with the right content.

Studies have shown that more and more people are using video content to preview products and services, so the more people who view your videos, the better for your business and its KPIs.


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