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Website Optimisation

Improve user journey and increase conversion rate

Is your website helping you achieve all your business goals? Let NZDMI help you optimise your website to put a stamp on your place in the digital market.

What is Website Optimisation?

Website optimisation is the process of improving a website’s ability to drive business goals. It involves a series of controlled experiments to determine which parts of your website are working, and which need improvement to target your desired demographic to meet business goals.

Optimisation makes your website pages easier for customers to navigate through to a certain goal. It can also lead to increased ROI on customer acquisition and traffic-generating campaigns such as web searches, email marketing, social media, and AdWords.

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How We Can Help?

NZDMI can advise your existing in-house team, or take ownership of each step in website optimisation:

  • Determine what digital conversion you want to improve on
  • Run A/B testing
  • Experiment with different solutions
  • Analyse results and make decisions on what solution meets digital targets best

Depending on your business’ goals, optimisation could include testing of:

  • Organisation of your website’s navigation
  • The use of visual content, like photos or videos
  • The length of an online form, changing the number of required fields or the order of how it is filled out
  • Where social sharing icons are placed
  • Placement, text, and visual style of a call to action
  • Mobile design

What to Expect

With NZDMI as your experts in website optimisation, you can first expect a detailed analysis of where your website is falling short in terms of conversion rates. From there, NZDMI can either work with your in-house team or take charge of your website optimisation, running tests, reporting back with results, and constantly re-analysing what is going on with your site and conversion rates.

This will all lead to lower bounce rates on your website, and higher conversion rates across all your digital areas such as e-commerce, EDM sign-ups, organic search rates and more.


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